Use Flipbooks and save money while you boost your business. Inexpensively!

Click on the image (above) to see how this FLIPBOOK works.

Click on the image (above) to see how this FLIPBOOK works.

You can use Flipbooks for any printed material for promotion, training, and office documents and for Powerpoint presentation printouts.

FLIPBOOKS can revolutionize

the way you promote your brand:

  • ​People can now find out all about your company or organization (text, graphics, and video) in a very familiar and comfortable way - page after page. 

  • The result is a compact informational tool that is as efficient as it is practical. 

  • You can provide the text, graphics, videos, and links on your web site in a portable, page-turning format. 

  • Plus...content in your brochures, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, and Powerpoint presentations can be converted to this compelling communications vehicle. 

  • The possibilities are endless.

What's the attraction of FLIPBOOKS?

  • You can combine all or as much of the information as appropriate from your web site, brochures, catalogs, blog posts, product sheets, and any other source into an "electronic" book with pages that are turned realistically.

  • Social Media, video, all print materials, books, catalogs, brochures, sales & training manuals, PDF files, Powerpoint Presentations, proposals, and forms of all kinds can be incorporated into this totally portable and user-friendly tool.

  • You can add a link to your e-flipbook to your emails and send it to anyone, anywhere - one at a time or in a wide-ranging campaign.

  • You can link from any page to any destination within the FLIPBOOK, on your web site or that of others, and to any file type of your choice.

  • A search feature is included.

  • With your permission, your audience can down a PDF version and print any or all the pages of an e-flipbook. That eliminates printing and delivery on your part and makes your documents available instantly to your clients.

  • You can create multiple e-flipbooks for your products, services, and proposals, plus add video tutorials to instruction manuals.

  • Changes and updates are easy to accomplish. You can add any issue of your newsletter, your latest blog post, special announcements, extra special prices on a product or service, or anything else that keeps you current with your audience. Remember, you can change any information on any page, add pages, or remove pages whenever you want. Your FLIPBOOK never has to be out of date.

  • FLIPBOOKS are developed either through online development programs or by using PDFs of existing or new print materials, Powerpoint presentations, web sites, and other sources. The SEO capability helps customers find your e-FLIPBOOK. Animated GIFs can be included that make interesting attractions to showcase a particular concept or focus.

  • Pages of FLIPBOOKS can display links to any web site, video, Dropbox, and files of all kinds.

  • Your FLIPBOOK link can be included in an email campaign or individual message and on your web site & social media. No "drilling down" required. Just easy access to your information in a very user-friendly format.

  • FLIPBOOKS can be designed in any page size and virtually any number of pages (as a book, catalog, brochure, or manual).

  • Pages can be linked to one another or from an index or a table of contents.

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Get a FREE* working demonstration using your web site information or your existing printed materials of any kind (in PDF format).

We will create a working FLIPBOOK test to show you how yours can look and work when you use our full-service development and production services.

There is no obligation for this

FREE* demonstration.

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SAVE $$$ when you use FLIPBOOKS

to promote your products & services:

  • ​People find out all about your company by turning pages in your realistic FLIPBOOKS.  

  • You can email links to your FLIPBOOKS to as many customers as you want - instantly.

  • They can review all you offer, view your videos, and follow any links you want them to access (including your web site).

  • And, they can print the pages of your FLIPBOOK on their printer immediately. (Your message is in their hands with zero printing or mailing costs for you.)


to promote your products & services:

  • Printed materials are great for handouts or mailings, but, they take time to get printed and delivered to you or distributed by mail or shipments. And, once you get them, you can't make changes to them without starting all over. FLIPBOOKS can be altered page by page, image by image, text by text immediately.

  • That means your FLIPBOOK never becomes obsolete. New videos, photos, text, or links required? No problem.  And, no more storing of brochures or catalogs that are out of date. 



to promote your products & services:

  • FLIPBOOKS ​are engaging. People are curious as to how these e-publications work and what they might find with each turn of the page.

  • You can test this statement when you review the FLIPBOOKS shown on this page.

  • You stand out when you package all of the information your audience needs to make decisions in your favor in an interesting format your competitors have not discovered.

  • Make a great first impression with a FLIPBOOK!