Less is more.

This quote from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an American Architect, applies as much to advertising strategies as it does to architecture.


You don't need to have someone shout at you in order for you to make a buying decision about a motor vehicle or any consumer product or service.  


You don't visit web sites developed by companies with something to sell just to be entertained by the flashy images you might find there. 


You recognize hard-sell tactics when encountered.


Advertising is the same as educating. It has to be simple and understandable, and emphasize your differentiation regarding your competition.   


The quicker your audience understands your story (the totality of your product/service offering, your "value add" components, and just how committed you are to outrageous customer care) the quicker they can respond to your message.


Wouldn't you rather have someone with something to sell offer a well informed rationale for choosing their product or service based upon value and merit instead of hype? 


And, wouldn't you like to know that you are dealing with knowledgeable and resourceful professionals who are genuinely warm and friendly? 


We're convinced your answer is "Yes", and that your customers, clients, or patients feel the same way. 


Applying the "Less is more" philosophy to your promotional efforts could generate exceptional results.


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