Marketing is defined as "the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including business development, advertising, training, shipping, storing, and selling."


We begin the formulation of recommendations we can offer you by examining what your marketing efforts consist of now, how well they are working for you, what your competitors are up to locally, and what methods and materials your nationwide peers are using successfully.


You may already have all of this under control.


However, if you ask most owners and managers if they have a written marketing communications plan in place, the answer is often "No."


Why is that?


Because most professional people spend the bulk of their time doing what it takes day-to-day to keep things running smoothly in their organization.


What is needed is an easy and efficient way to get a 1-page marketing communications plan on paper that can serve as a roadmap for the achievement of your goals. We can help with this.


That's our strength, and we can prove it to you when we speak. You can reach us at 901.626.2487.