What works?

• Comparative and competitive analysis research - We can start this with you by reviewing the web sites and other communications materials developed by your competitors -  locally and nationally. See what they're up to. Come up with better solutions and promote these innovations.


• Marketing Communications program development - Keep it simple.   Determine where your current business is really coming from and concentrate on that segment of your client base. (The "20% of clients account for 80% of your sales" formula may apply to you.)


• Marketing materials development budgeting - Create rough concepts far enough along to get production quotes and scheduling information.


• Marketing materials production and utilization - Ask us about the many money-saving techniques available, from digital printing to local prime time TV ads and full color front page newspaper ad decals at prices you might not believe - all directed at the ZIP codes that fit your demographics.


• Staff orientation and training - How many incoming calls are tracked back to web site visits, print or direct mail ads or TV/Radio   commercials you have run? You won't ever know for sure unless your staff members ASK callers how they heard about your company or offer.


• Customer announcements - Make certain that ALL of your current and former customers know ALL the products and services you offer...and your competitive advantages.  ConstantContact emails, newsletters, telemarketing, and open houses by professional group types. All are vital!  Customer loyalty programs cannot be overlooked either.


• Networking - Chambers of Commerce, BNI, and other formal groups. Informal with spheres of influence. "3-foot rule" - anyone who comes within 3 feet of you in line at a counter or checkout. (We have the promotional material concepts that can make all of this work.)


• Implementation and measurement and much more - A few of the many topics related to your Marketing Action Plan are featured here. There are MANY more...and they can help you grow your business.