First, you train us in the basics of each area of your operations your staff members must know.  


Then, we identify the information that must be presented in order to accomplish each of your goals for training and motivation (e.g. procedures, processes, operations, SPC enablement, telephone manners and techniques, counter sales training, selling up, add-on sales, cross selling, client and patient sensitivity training for staff members at law firms and medical practices, personal sales team development, practical motivation, telemarketing, and more).


This information becomes the basis for developing remedial and advanced interactive seminars and workshops as well as the narratives, print and A/V required.


We can also help you develop very simple and direct Orientation and Training protocols for your staff members to convey and reinforce your policies and procedures manuals and directives.


Additionally, we can work with your suppliers to integrate product knowledge and performance criteria into training initiatives for your staff members AND your customers so that all products or services you provide are utilized as designed for maximum performance.


Professional educational learning unit and in-service program development is also a part of what we do. Examples include:


AIA/CES Learning Unit program development 


Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for Attorneys


Telephone Manners & Techniques Workshops


Medical Staff Training (and patient support)


• Internal Orientation, training, and marketing between departments - Negotiations and transactions between departments must flow smoothly to ensure optimum operational performance. If you can't get it right internally, chances are you're losing sales regularly. Cooperation is vital.


• Customer orientation - Your customers need to know all about your company, what services and value-added support you offer...things not necessarily presented in marketing materials.


• Customer training - Your products and services may require training in order for your customers to be authorized - or just comfortable with - installing or implementing what you sell to them.


• Vendor training support - Your vendors need to supply training materials, videos, and live workshops for your customers to make certain their products and services are utilized to the fullest by your customers. By the way, your vendors need to be kept up to date regarding all you offer your clients so that these suppliers can refer business to you.


• Telephone, Social Media, email, FAX, and Counter Sales Manners Training and monitoring - AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!! If your employees are dropping the ball here, you may never know about it. People don't generally take the time to inform management regarding poor customer service and bad attitude problems...they just silently take their business to the competition. (Think of it as your ad dollars attracting business for your competitors.)


• Internships - Great method for identifying future talent for your you're helping train people in regard to the realities of the business world.


• In-bound and out-bound telemarketing, FAX and e-commerce scripts and resources AND counter sales skills and techniques - Selling up, cross-selling, add-on sales...these and more require that current product knowledge and sales techniques be made available to all of your employees.


• On-the-job - "When you're green, you grow. When you're ripe, you rot." This quote is from a truly remarkable motivator, the late Fred Herman. The essence of this concept is that you must grow every day in the position you occupy within any organization - from CEO to rookie. The training theories outlined in presentations and materials have got to be applied to "real world" situations in such a way as to be monitored and measured.


COMPLEX?  Not really. All of the resources are at your disposal, now, and we can help you organize these resources into a cohesive training initiative that will work well for you no matter what size your company might be.