• Do ALL of your staff members know ALL of the products and services you offer...and why yours are better?   If not, why not?


• Do ALL of your staff members know about ALL of the departments and people within your organization, and how to transfer calls to   each without exception?  If not, why not?

• Do ALL of your current clients and prospects know ALL of the products and services you offer? 

   If not, why not?


• Do ALL of your current clients purchase ALL of the products and services you offer from your company?  If not, why not?


• Are your current customers happy with your products and services?    If not, why not?


• Are there other products and services your customers would like for you to provide for them? If so, what are these products and services?  (If you are not in the position to offer these needed products and services now, do some research on companies that do offer what your customers want. Find out who the really good sources are and tell your customers about them. (Maybe these new companies will refer business back to you in return.)  You've got to ask!


• Are your current customers happy with your customer service responses? If so, ask for  examples. If not, really ask for examples!  (Bad telephone manners and procedures - especially voice mail nightmares - are at the top of the list of offenders.) 


• Rude and non-resourceful staff members can be ruining your business over the phone and face-to-face...and you may never find out. Your hard-earned callers simply take their business elsewhere. Have someone you know call in and drop in from time to time to evaluate the customer service experience they encounter.


• Are your former customers interested in giving you another shot at their business? Why did they leave you in the first place? Have you fixed the problem? They did business with you before. Why not find out what it would take to earn that business back?  You've got to ask.


• Are there people in other departments or branches within their company to whom your current customer contacts can introduce you?  You've got to ask.


• In fact, while visiting an established customer, why not request that they call people they know who could use your outstanding products and services while you are visiting and introduce you to them over the phone? (Set an appointment and you're almost there! Just by asking!)


These are only a few examples of questions we can help you answer to evaluate your positioning for your current business development story. We can work with your team to identify any additional information you may need to incorporate into your story in order to make certain you are on-target from the perspectives of your customers, patients, or clients.